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24 Feb: C.TI weekly round up!

Here are 3 announcements that caught our attention this week.

  1. Fake receipts / payments on the rise. Don’t trust, verify ALL digital content.
    Ongoing fake receipt and payment scams are on the rise across Latin America. Underscoring the importance of digitally verifiable and cryptographically secure data; where provenance and authenticity can be verified independently, privately and instantly.
  2. The 'invisible crime' of Indigenous identity fraud.
    A senator in Manitoba, Canada calls for investigation into the damaging effects of false Indigenous identity claims. A well known problem across countries with Indigenous populations. Drawing light on the importance of defining a capability to easily present and verify one’s true Indigenous status.
  3. A sustainable move beyond passwords (finally!). Passkeys gathering mainstream attention.
    Passwords continue to be exploited and forgotten. Multi-factor authentication is being enforced more widely, largely at the cost of user convenience. Thankfully passkeys offer an option to optimize both security and user experience and do away with passwords, at last. Passkeys present a strong foundation for which a robust internet identity layer can be layered.

Adam Lemmon is the Manager of Engineering Operations at Convergence.Tech