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Moving the Workforce Forward with Credentialing.

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Work-Based Learning Consortium (WBLC), a not-for-profit, is one of Canada’s leading organizations supporting business and industry firms in meeting their needs for skilled employees. They promote, develop, and manage Work-Based Learning programs for entry to mid-level skilled jobs. These programs enable unskilled people to get hired (or current employees to upskill), acquire industry-valued skills, achieve industry-recognized certification, and pursue rewarding career pathways.

The Need

  • An easy-to-use platform that would certify workers in a range of skilled jobs in the advanced manufacturing sector (e.g. - CNC Machinists, Mold Maintenance Technicians, Structural Airframe Assemblers) by recognising their skills and knowledge achieved in the learning programs conducted by WBLC.
  • To show that WBLC, on behalf of the advanced manufacturing sector, has certified the worker's credential/ learning.
  • To share all the technical learning outcomes of the program in a convenient and easy-to-understand form.

The Solution

Working with C.TI – Convergence.Tech’s digital credentialing platform – the team designed and customized certificates to allow all learning outcomes to be easily included and attached to the credential. The credentials are also tamper-proof and verify WBLC as the issuing body. This technology allows them to move the needle forward in the workforce and move away from old, outdated tools like paper and pen. They feel like they are helping to drive the emerging tech in the industry.

The Result

During the initial phase, WBLC issued over 200 credentials (view credential) which paved the way for trainees to perform in competitive markets and advance their careers. Credentialing also strengthens WBLC’s credibility and expertise for funding proposals. 

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