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17 Feb: C.TI weekly round up!

Here are 3 announcements that caught our attention this week.

  1. The European Digital Identity Wallet Architecture and Reference Framework
    The EU has released their digital identity reference framework, full PDF download here. Worth noting, it is largely powered by OpenID Connect: OpenID4VP, OpenID4VCI, SIOPv2.
  2. Canadian Federal Government, confidentially, conducts Digital ID research
    Commissioned by the acting Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, confidential research on a national electronic ID system was conducted. It is clear that more education on the topic is needed.
  3. Brave Browser holding strong on their commitment to Privacy by Design
    Presenting a novel approach to adhering to a vital, and almost exclusively exploited, identity principle: data minimization. Only necessary data should be collected for a given business purpose.

Adam Lemmon is the Manager of Engineering Operations at Convergence.Tech