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17 Mar: C.TI weekly round up!

Here are 3 announcements that caught our attention this week.

  1. A deeper look into the EU identity framework, interoperable pilots to come
    The defined reference framework is underpinned largely by OpenID Connect: OpenID4VP, OpenID4VCI, SIOPv2 and shall serve as the base for many upcoming pilots. An excellent step forward in aligning across national boundaries, creating an interoperable identity ecosystem. 
  2. US Biden administration calls for identity investment within National Security Strategy
    The release calls for the support of a digital identity ecosystem. Improved digital identity infrastructure that would produce a more innovative, equitable, safe and efficient digital economy. While addressing lack of security and privacy issues amongst existing solutions. A strong signal of hopefully much support and momentum behind widespread identity progress across the country to come.
  3. Twitter Co-founder Jack Dorsey releases a preview of The Decentralized Social Network Bluesky
    Currently in private beta the product is actively being tested and improved prior to public availability. Bluesky aims to meet Dorsey’s original vision for Twitter: to create a platform that didn’t have to rely on one central power.  Products and ecosystems continue to move to user led decentralized approaches.

Adam Lemmon is the Manager of Engineering Operations at Convergence.Tech