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3 Feb: C.TI weekly round up!

Here are 3 announcements that caught our attention this week.

1. Passwordless security and convenient UX, at last?
A thoughtful piece on How passkeys are changing authentication. A promising new model to rid passwords once and for all.  The potential well summarized: “The strength of the device factor is simple: it’s a physical entity. A hacker in Russia can’t steal an employee’s phone in California.”

2. Twitter disruption? 
Damus a decentralized social media app, built utilizing the NOSTR protocol (Notes and Other Stuff Transmitted by Relays), lands in app stores globally. Damus scored 56k downloads within the first day… and was swiftly removed from app stores in China. The protocol is censorship resistant and may be seen as a significant “risk” to “some”.

3. Travel industry document forgery
Travel agency in India was raided leading to three being arrested for helping clients obtain visas using fake documents. A reminder on the importance of authentication and verification prior to any valid credential issuance taking place.

Adam Lemmon is the Manager of Engineering Operations at Convergence.Tech