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A Skills Megaphone for a Colorado School District.

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St. Vrain Valley Schools is the educational home of more than 33,000 of Colorado’s students. The seventh largest school district in the state, St. Vrain Valley Schools operates 60 schools and programs that are spread over 411 square miles.

The Need

St. Vrain Valley Schools implemented a badging system to bring clarity and definition to external entities regarding their Focus and Career and Technical Education programs for students. 

Eric Berngen, Coordinator of Programs & Workforce Development for the Innovation Center of St. Vrain Valley Schools, shared,

 “Our goal is to provide students with essential skills that prepare them for post-secondary success. 
In St. Vrain, it’s in our DNA to think about education innovatively. We believed utilizing a badging system would showcase students’ robust skillsets to potential employers.”

In the Spring of 2020, while much of the world was winding down in the face of the pandemic, St. Vrain Valley Schools was ramping up their efforts to create a digital badging platform that could recognize these skills and communicate them out through the appropriate social media channels to employers. 

The Solution

Beyond core functionality, the St. Vrain Valley Schools team had three priorities:
  • Integration needed to be seamless with their Schoology Learning Management System
  • Price needed to align with value delivered and could provide continued affordability with scalability
  • They wanted a personal relationship, built on mutual goals

Using C.TI - Convergence.Tech’s industry leading platform - as a backbone, the team built a system together.

The Result

As of March-22, the program is in its infancy but ramping up;
  • 9 schools active, with 800 credentials (view credential) issued across teaching staff and students
  • A roadshow underway educating high schools about the platform and the badges that already exist as well as the power of defining out the great work that is already being done in existing programs

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