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OECD get hands-on with Verified Credentials.

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Creativity and critical thinking are essential in the 21st century.

At the same time microcredentials are becoming a valuable tool in a world increasingly seeking a variety of specific skills from candidates, often in addition to traditional qualifications.

OECD saw an opportunity to bring these forces together.

The OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation helps higher education institutions create innovative teaching approaches that encourage students to develop these essential skills across a wide range of subjects. To encourage more institutions to support these new approaches, it awarded microcredentials to teachers and other faculty who learned them.

The Need

These microcredentials needed to:

  • Display individual efforts and contributions to act as a record of learning
  • Be dynamically populated with possibly varying individual contributions for swift issuance
  • Be verified as authentic and tamper-proof
  • Be easy to use and share by recipients
  • Reflect the OECD brand and be something recipients would wish to show and share

The Solution

Working with C.TI - Convergence.Tech’s verifiable credentials platform - and stakeholders across 13 countries, OECD designed and then awarded over 150 custom certificates to recognise individual achievements.

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