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Bridging the Digital Divide via Microcredentials.

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National Collaborative for Digital Equity (NCDE) in New Hampshire, USA, is a non-profit working in education, aiming to generate a national infrastructure to eliminate the digital divide and the crushing barrier it presents to the nation’s low- and moderate-income learners and communities.

The Need

  • To bring competency-based learning to schools in New Hampshire and to further spread it across the country.
  • To have these competencies recognized by universities and employers.

The Solution

NCDE is using C.TI to bring competency-based learning to the forefront of New Hampshire.

NCDE has developed three levels of financial literacy for diverse high school students in Manchester, New Hampshire, as the school district believes it is essential for all high school students to graduate with these core skills.

C.TI enables educators to issue credentials. This allows learners to earn badges that are offered by issuers and recognized as meaningful by employers. It also assists in maintaining a personal e-portfolio (“wallet”) where the students can store their growing array of badges.

The platform also allows educators and administrators to see at a glance who among their roster of learners has earned which badges

The Result

As of September 2022, the program is in its infancy but ramping up;
  • NCDE used the three levels of financial literacy competencies to persuade the district to treat mastery of all 3 as meriting a ½ course credit on the participating high school students’ transcript.
  • The credentials were used to attain the endorsement of the New Hampshire Bankers Association for the financial literacy credentials the students earn.
  • In addition, Manchester Community College is giving students earning these credentials credit toward their AA degree.

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