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Switching from Paper Certificates to Verifiable Credentials.

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Council for Certification in Volunteer Administration (CCVA) is a charitable organization registered in the United States that administers and sponsors an international certification for individuals who lead and manage volunteers. CCVA strives to advance excellence in volunteer administration by delivering professional certification and advocating for ethical practices.

The Need

CCVA was seeking a verifiable credentialing platform with different features and capabilities, including the need to:

  • Advance excellence in their profession. 
  • Be accepted internationally.
  • Be verified as authentic and tamper-proof.
  • Be fast and easy to issue.
  • State the expiry date as 5 years after issuance. 
  • Be available to be printed if required. 

The Solution

CCVA transitioned from mailing physical certificates to issuing digital credentials to their recipients. The credentialing process is powered by C.TI and caters to all the needs listed above.

C.TI enables CCVA to issue verifiable credentials. This allows learners to earn badges that are offered by issuers and recognized as meaningful by employers. It also assists in maintaining a personal e-portfolio (“wallet”) where they can store their growing array of badges. 

The Result

CCVA is proud to share the key benefits of C.TI, including:
  • Issuing credentials has saved between $3000-$6000 in postal fees annually and is also unaffected by events such as postal delays or strikes.
  • Errors made on certifications are easy to rectify in comparison to physical certificates. Low cost and minimal time incurred.
  • Recipients previously used to receive their physical certificates 6 weeks after grades are released; however, credentials are now issued instantly as soon as the grades are released. This provides a holistic experience for the recipient. 

Since joining C.TI in 2020, CCVA has issued over 1,000 credentials!

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