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10 Mar: C.TI weekly round up!

Here are 3 announcements that caught our attention this week.

  1. Australian State Government New South Wales (NSW) set to pilot digital birth certificates next month
    NSW continues to be a global leader in the real world adoption of digital identity. It will be very exciting to watch the team set yet another global precedent as they initiate their staged roll out of digital birth certificates and their decentralized digital identity program more broadly, starting next month.
  2. Push back on the idea of government run digital IDs in the UK
    A strong case is made for why decentralized identity and user control is important as digital identity is rolled out. Government should focus on issuing user managed ID proofs into certified private sector provided wallets. Private sector innovation backed by government trusted data.
  3. Greek airline set to support digital ID at boarding
    Aegean Airlines passengers can now use their mobile IDs for boarding under the airline’s new digital identity application.  Developed in collaboration with the national Greek Digital Governance Ministry, the boarding solution leverages the identity system launched by the Greek government last summer. Another strong signal to government backed digital first travel and mobility experiences.

Adam Lemmon is the Manager of Engineering Operations at Convergence.Tech